Tramontina Induction Cooktop

Tramontina Induction Cooktop: Fast-Heating Induction Cooktops

If you are looking for a better way to cook, look no further than the Tramontina Induction Cooktop. This portable induction cooktop is designed to make cooking as pleasant and easy as possible.

It’s also made to maximize all areas of cooking from heat control to saving energy. It’s also convenient for small spaces as you can use almost anywhere. Induction cooking is different from other types of cooking, and that’s down the cookware.

What is Induction Cooking?

First, it’s much more efficient than cooking with a gas or electric stove. It will heat the cooking vessel almost instantly and, therefore, cuts down cooking time by nearly half.

The pots used for induction cooking must be stainless steel or cast iron or any other ferromagnetic metal. The pan gets heated, and the heat comes from within the pan itself. Copper or aluminum pans are not meant for induction cooking, as they contain a layer of magnet.

An induction cooktop has a coil of copper wire underneath the plate, so when a cooking pot is placed on top, an alternating electric current passes through it. This causes a magnetic flux making an eddy that flows through the pot and heats it up.

Energy Efficiency

The Tramontina induction cooktop has overheat protection along with an embedded fan to quickly cool down the heated elements. These will work for one to two minutes after the cooktop has been turned off.

It also features 1500 watts of power with 10 power levels and a built-in timer button. There are easy to use buttons for controlling the heat, and the LCD screen displays the temperature or power. It only heats the pan, not the entire room as there is no heat that spills over.

It will also display any errors it detects, like in the case of a wrong pot or pan being used on the cooktop. It will also let you know if a wrong function is pressed. It can display the time or temperature left if pre-set timers are used.

Because it heats so quickly, cooking time is cut down, which means less power is being used. Only the round part of the cooktop, where the pan sits, gets hot, so it’s not heating the entire surface. It shuts down when the cooking time is reached.

Safety Features

There are no open flames and as only the spot where the cooking vessel sits gets hot. That means less chance of burning yourself or catching something on fire.

If you forget to turn it off when you remove the pot, the Tramontina induction cooktop will automatically shut itself off after only ten seconds. There is also an overheat protection detector, which will cause the cooktop to shut down.

There is also a locked feature on the cooktop, and when engaged, it will continue cooking until it is finished. When it is in the locked position, the only button that will work is the power button.

It will not work if it detects the wrong type of cookware being used. Because the Tramontin induction cooktop uses magnets, it will detect right away of the cookware being used as a magnetic layer and shut down.

The built-in fan will engage when you are done cooking and cool the appliance down. It can run for up to two minutes, depending on how hot it has become. The flat surface makes it less likely to have spills or accidents.

If oils or other flammable items are spilled on the cooktop, there is no worry of fire. The indicators on the control panel stay lit until the unit has cooled down, to let you know it is still too hot to touch.


One of the best things about the Tramontina induction cooktop is that it is completely portable. It is 16.3 x 10.1 x 18.8 inches, so very compact. It weighs just over 15 pounds or just about 3 kgs.

It uses 120V ac power, which is standard in all homes and available when camping or cooking outdoors at home. It has ten levels of heating, so high heat and warming features. Even though it is rather small in size, it can still accommodate a large cooking vessel. That means you can boil, sauté, fry, steam, and sear.

The safety features, which we covered, are far more than you would get with a regular cooktop. With only the pan heating and not the entire surface means you will not have to worry about leaving your spatula on top where it will melt.

The LED control panel is easy to use and easy to read. Not only does it tell you the temperature, but it can also tell you how long is left for cooking. It can detect an error as well like if you have the wrong pan, the unit is overheating, or if there is no pot on the surface. It can shut off automatically when there is a problem.

It’s the perfect solution for cooking well in a compact area. It only heats what it is supposed to, the pan. The control panel allows you to have very exact temperature control. Because it is small and flat, it is a breeze to clean.

You can find the Tramontina induction cooktop in a single, double, or with four cooking rings. Faster heating means faster cooking and less energy is spent. It’s much easier to clean as anything that may get spilled on the surface will not burn on like regular stovetops.

induction range

The Future is Induction

Using the new Tramontina induction cooktop will free up your time and free up your energy bill. When used the Tramontina cookware, you will notice a huge difference in the way you can cook.

Faster, cleaner, and far more convenient, the Tramontina system will have you wondering why you waited so long. Having the cooktop portable means you can have all your favorite means when camping or cooking outside.

So convenient and comes with gorgeous cookware to complete your cooking experience.

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