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Nuwave Induction Cookware Set Review 2020

Induction cooking is taking off more and more. It’s faster, easier, and far more energy efficient. While there are plenty to choose from, there are certainly some that stand out more than others. Here we will take a closer look at the Nuwave induction cookware.

Induction Cooking

The design of the Nuwave induction cookware is meant for faster cooking and conserving energy. Induction means the cooktop only heats the where the pot is placed, and the pot retains the heat much better.

The pots are specifically designed to work with a Nuwave cooktop. The cooktop has a magnetic ring that heats and allows the cookware to heat evenly and quickly.

Here are a few of the things we loved about these pans.

Quality Made

First, these pots are beautiful. They are highly polished magnetic stainless steel on the outside with ceramic coating on the inside in a copper color. Some sets have a copper coating on the outside, as well.

They are non-stick pans but certainly of far better quality than average. The ceramic coating inside means you can use metal utensils, and it won’t scratch. But you may not want to anyhow, as the food won’t stick.

You will find using wooden or plastic utensils will be more than adequate for cooking, as the ceramic coating does all that work for you. Plus, you don’t want to risk scratching the coating and removing it, which would cause food to stick.

While designed for simplicity and yet maintaining their quality, the pots themselves are also consumer friendly. Not only in with the cooktop, which keeps the heat on the bottom of the pot only. But the handles of all the pots and pans remain cool, too, to prevent burns and other injuries or accidents.

The great care and quality that goes into these pots mean you will be able to use them for years to come. With proper care and usage, you will have these pots for life.


You can use the cookware with your regular stovetop or the Nuwave cooktop. The pans are lightweight, so moving them and clean up is a breeze. The ceramic non-stick coating makes washing up very easy and fast, as there is no need to scour them.

The glass lids keep the heat along with the flavor and you can watch your food cooking without removing the lid each time. That keeps the food cooking at a consistent temperature.

Different sizes mean the pots are great for cooking for one or for 20. Due to the induction method of cooking, a smaller portion of food would normally get burned in a larger pot.

While the pots work best with the Nuwave cooktop, they still work perfectly well and as they should on a regular stovetop. They distribute the heat evenly, and they hold the heat, and the pots still cook the food quickly without scorching.

Because they and the compatible cooktop are compact, lightweight, and very portable, there is no reason to give them up when you go camping or want to have a family cookout in the back yard.

Simply move them all outside and cook everything right there. Enjoy your evening, and then simply move everything indoors for fast and easy clean up.

Healthier Meals

The Nuwave induction cookware pans with their non-stick ceramic coating mean you won’t need a lot of fat to put in when you cook. They are also free of any PTFE and PFOA, which are abbreviations for chemicals used in many non-stick cookware.

The chemical coating used in many non-stick cookware can flake off and make you sick. There have long been warning about using non-stick pans with cheap coatings, along with cancer-causing concerns.

Imagine how quickly and easily you can cook yourself a healthy breakfast before you have to dash out the door in the morning: quick cook, quick clean up, and no added fats for cooking your eggs.


Even the largest set of Nuwave induction cookware is affordable. This well-known, quality company are all American made and far cheaper than many famous brand names cookware.

When you consider the quality you get and the years of use and enjoyment you will receive, it’s hard to imagine wanting anything else. Even compared to other induction cookware, these are a quality purchase.

You will save on your energy bill, as well. They don’t take as long to finish cooking, and because they only heat the area being cooked, it won’t heat up the kitchen. This is great if you are in a smaller, confined space.

Durable and great space savers, they are the only pans you will ever need. Even if you use them on your regular stovetop, they will heat evenly, even if the burner is not.


A Cut Above

Not all pans are made alike, and even not all copper pots and pans are made to work the same. Some copper pots may even be more expensive than Nuwave but not work anywhere near as well.

Even people just starting out in life who don’t have much cooking experience love this Nuwave induction cookware. They take the guesswork out of most of the cooking. You don’t have to worry about your meal being half burnt or half cold, as the pots take care of all that for you.

Even heat distribution is just one of the features that make these pots great. Ideal for your RV or camper, as they are compact and don’t take too much energy to cook your entire meal.

They all come with detailed instructions, so there shouldn’t be any surprises. They work great, they clean up great and perform just as they promise they will do. Get several different sizes to make sure you get the most out of them.

The lids all fit perfectly and can all mix and match with their brothers and sisters. With the proper care and use, there is no reason you won’t enjoy these pots and pans for many years to come.

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